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Run Orchestration Component

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2017 11:47AM UTC

Run Orchestration Component

Run another orchestration job to completion. After the orchestration job completes, other orchestration components can be linked to this one depending upon success or fail.

Use this component to better organise complicated orchestration job flows by breaking them into simpler pieces which can be composed together in another orchestration job.


Property Setting Description
Name Text The descriptive name for the component.
Orchestration Name Select Choose an existing existing Orchestration jobs.
Be careful not to create circular references, or a job may never complete.
Overwrite Variables Yes/No Use a set of defined variables for the called Orchestration, rather than its default variable values. Note only local variables can be set via this method.
Set Variables Select Many Define local variables to be used by the called Orchestration. A variable can be added by clicking the + button, then selecting it from the dropdown list. A value can then be assigned to this variable to be used by the Orchestration. Note that only local variables will be available for assignment and the values must be of the correct type as defined in the Environment Variables.


This example imports some data from RDS in one orchestration job, restructures it in a transformation job, and then performs a schema copy in another orchestration job.

The component only requires a descriptive name, and the name of the orchestration job to run.

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