And Component

And Component

The "And" orchestration component waits for all of its inputs to complete before continuing the job. The order the input components run in is irrelevant, since they must all complete before the job continues beyond the "And" component.

Only the Name property can be configured to provide a meaningful description of the component.

NOTE: Any local variables that exist in the workflow when going through the And component will be reset to the values they held at the beginning of the current job (the job containing the And component in question). This is usually the default value for the variable but is not necessarily so if the job containing the And component is called from another job. This is to prevent the need to resolve two potentially different values of a local variable when two parallel workflows meet the And component. If this is not the case for your workflow, consider using global variables instead.

For similar flow components, see If Component and Or Component.


Property Setting Description
Name Text The descriptive name for the component.


In this example, we need to ensure that all input data is reloaded before the job that transforms that data is started.

The name can be set to a custom value.