Changing EC2 Instance Size


Matillion ETL can be hosted on AWS EC2 instances. The size of the instance imposes some limits on the client. As such, it can be beneficial to change the instance size of your Matillion ETL client, which can be done at any time.

A breakdown of different instance sizes and their limitations are summarised below. For more information, please see our article on instance sizes.

Instance Size Max. Concurrent User Max. Environments Max Threads Suitable for Enterprise Mode Available?
t2.medium 2 6 4 (Throttled) Teams of 1 or 2 persons No
t3.medium 2 6 4 Teams of 1 or 2 persons No
m4.large 5 15 4 Teams of 2 to 5 persons Yes
m4.xlarge 12 36 8 Teams of 6 to 12 persons Yes
m5.large 5 15 4 Teams of 2 to 5 persons Yes
m5.xlarge 12 36 8 Teams of 6 to 12 persons Yes

For Hourly Customers

  1. Log into the EC2 Section of your AWS console.
  2. Select Instances and search for your Matillion ETL Instance.
  3. Stop the instance using Right Click → Instance State → Stop
  4. Change the type using Right Click → Instance Settings → Change Instance Type
  1. We recommend choosing either t3.medium, m5.large or m5.xlarge.
    • If your instance is still on t2.medium, m4.large or m4.xlarge, please consider upgrading to the newer recommended instance types to continue getting the most out of the Matillion ETL client.
    • ​If you started your Matillion instance on versions prior to 1.24.6, choose from m3.medium, m3.large, m3.xlarge)
  2. Restart the instance using Right Click → Instance State → Start

For more information on resizing an EC2 instance, please refer to the Amazon Documentation.

For Annual Customers

Annual customers must perform the same steps as hourly customers but with an additional step.

Since annual customers have subscribed to Matillion ETL using a particular instance size for the entire year, this subscription must be changed alongside the instance itself. Again, instance sizes t2.medium, m4.larger and m4.xlarge are available and the chosen size must match the instance size in your marketplace software subscriptions library.

If you have an existing annual subscription and need to change it please contact