Matillion ETL Product Overview


Matillion ETL is an AMI-based ETL/ELT tool built specifically for platforms including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Snowflake. Modern, browser-based UI. Powerful, push-down ETL/ELT. Fast AMI setup means you are up and running in minutes.

  • Unlocks the power of your data warehouse: Matillion ETL pushes down data transformations to Redshift. Process millions of rows in seconds, with real-time feedback.
  • Modern, beautiful, browser-based environment: including collaboration, version control, full-featured graphical job development more than 20 data read, write, join and transform components
  • Fast setup: Launch the AMI and be developing ETL jobs within minutes
To learn more about the product, watch this video .

Key Features:
  • Drag-and-drop browser interface. Build sophisticated, powerful ETL/ELT jobs.
  • Push-down ELT technology uses Redshift’s power to process complex joins over millions of rows in seconds.
  • Live feedback, validation and data preview, in-tool, as you build your ETL/ELT jobs.
  • Collaboration baked-in. Build jobs together in disparate locations, like in Google Docs.
  • Version control, import/export and server-side undo.
  • Over 25 data transformation components.
  • Full-featured expression editor.
  • Orchestration jobs to choreograph multiple ETL/ELT jobs.

This support site describes how to find, launch and connect to Matillion ETL from the AWS Marketplace. How to use the product. A detailed description of each of the available components. And procedures, techniques and best practices to get the most out of Matillion ETL.

If you choose to register, you can raise questions in the moderated support forums and participate in discussion threads.

Choosing an instance type

Important, the instance type you select affects the maximum number of concurrent users who can access Matillion ETL and the maximum number of Redshift environments you can connect to. Matillion ETL currently supports 3 instance sizes: t3.medium, m5.large and m5.xlarge.

Click here to read about choosing the best instance type.

Launching the product

Important, for best results, **DO NOT USE 1-CLICK SETUP**. Follow the simple instructions provided on this site and your Matillion ETL experience will be even more outstanding. If you do use 1-click setup, the product will still work but certain features will be disabled.

Click here to read about how to launch the product.

Connecting to the instance

Once your instance is running, connecting to it is very simple. Just type the host name or IP of the instance into your browser, or find the running instance at and click ‘Access Software’

Click here to read more about how to access the instance.


Building your first job

Building your first job in Matillion ETL is super easy – and even easier if you were able to use the setup instructions provided in ‘Launching the product’ [link to appropriate page]. You can be building and testing your first job in less than 5 minutes from launching the instance from the AWS Marketplace.

The video below walks you through creating your first job.